Wearing Hijab

Wearing Hijab seems more phenomenal


A close overview reveals that victims who are sexually harassed, while seeing through the eyes of the court wearing hijab or naqab, seem more truthful and positive than those women who usually appeared with their heads uncovered.
The Overview was being made to explore the vitality of seeing someone by merely judging their outlook or physical appearance. The results were quite astonishing as the study reveals that it is more convincible and incredible when women cover their heads in courts. The reason for why it looks more convincing is that religious garments or opting a religious way of wearing clothes gives a positive view of the wearer.

Study of the facts

Wearing religious garments dismisses the statement that the sexually victimized person was ‘asking for it.’ Furthermore, it refuses the usual sexual interactions. According to the study, different people were shown 4 different videos containing a woman wearing niqab, other wearing hijab, third was in balaclava and the last was seen with her head and face uncovered. In the video, she was seen as the sufferer. The victim who has experienced sexual assault.

Results of Wearing Hijab

A close survey to these videos reveals that people feel sorrier for the one wearing naqab, then for the one who wore hijab, then came balaclava and lastly the girl covering neither her head nor her face. The results were really incredible.

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