types of Freelancing in Pakistan

What are the types of Freelancing in Pakistan?


Types of freelancing is of great importance because it is related to the employment of millions of people.  Freelancing has many types which help a person to earn as much as he can in the given time frame. The world needs a quick response where there is any problem related to the information technology sector.

When a person gives a solution to that specific problem with his skill in individual capacity then the IT sector gives him/ her specific amount against the services. Such services may vary according to the complexity and duration of the task.

For example, if someone finds, there is a client who needs to develop a website or online portal then an opportunity will exist there for you. You can have a long term working relations with the client if you build a user-friendly and google friendly site for your client’s business.

Graphic designers are in great demand in almost each business company or organization. 2D and 3D animation experts are experts who can develop short a short or lengthy cartoon series for international companies. Ads departments of big IT firms need to hire a graphic designer or digital painter. If you check out the Upwork and Freelancer then a lot of subcategories you can find. Different types of freelancing can be found and then you can get appropriate training to complete the tasks which relate to those categories.

Here are some categories which come under freelancing:

  1. Web and mobile development
  2. Creative writing
  3. Data science and analytics
  4. Design development
  5. Engineering
  6. Data entry
  7. Digital marketing
  8. Customer service
  9. IT Networking
  10. Legal
  11. Accounting and Finance etc.

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