What Benefits You Can Get from Nuts

What Benefits You Can Get from Nuts?


One of the most complete food groups is made up of nuts, since you can find almost all the nutrients that the body needs in its immense variety. A fundamental part of the popularity of these is that they are versatile and simple to combine with other components equally healthy and delicious, like yogurt. Find out more here about the benefits that nuts give to health.

How Can You Reduce Heart Attack Risk?

Reduce the risk of heart attacks: This is one of the main benefits that nuts give to health. The main contribution made by these foods in the cardiovascular system is due to the high content of fatty acids. This help stimulates the production of good cholesterol and, likewise, efficiently eliminate the levels of bad cholesterol and saturated fats that stick to the walls of the arteries.

Rich with Fiber:

They have high fiber content: Another of the many benefits that nuts give to health has to do with the high fiber benefit. Almonds, for example, have almost 4 grams of fiber in each of them, so a handful is ideal for proper bowel function. On the other hand, this nutrient also contributes a lot to the joints and musculature of the body.

Lose weight with nuts:

They help to lose weight: This benefit can be a direct result of the two previous ones, since the deposits of bad fats are eliminated thanks to the fatty acids, like the omega-3. Also, fiber helps keep the intestine in good working order, which is ideal for weight loss. In addition, these are ideal foods to combat the anxiety caused by diets and serve as perfect snacks between meals.

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