What is gestalt therapy

What is gestalt therapy?


Read The Gestalt Therapy & its implementations:

Gestalt therapy is one of the most popular and effective directions of psychotherapy. It belongs to the humanistic direction of psychotherapy, where the client is a full-fledged self-sufficient person and with the help of a psychotherapist can independently cope with the difficulties that have arisen. The main condition is your desire.

How Gestalt Therapy Can Help?

Gestalt therapy helps a person to understand, realize what is happening to him and most importantly helps to understand how it happens. You will be surprised when you learn that many processes are formed here in our childhood and do not allow us to fully interact with the world in the adult world.

Gestalt therapy takes place in the usual casual conversation, but with a huge effect in the end.

How does gestalt therapy work?

Have you noticed how often you have to restrain yourself in something? You are offended at someone, angry, but for a number of reasons you cannot voice your insult and anger. This is the simplest example of an “unfinished gestalt”. And such “non-completion” happens to you constantly.

Examples of gestalt:

You stick to the child, and he suddenly withdraws from you. Fall in love with a person, and he leaves you. Only earned a lot of money, but suddenly the business went into decline. All these are examples of “unfinished gestalt”.

Our subconscious is tuned to a complete image. On the so-called “complete gestalt”. Our task is to help you find all the incomplete images based on your current requests, teach you to do it in real life and make you a truly happy person.

And all the way through the usual conversation!

What problems will help gestalt therapy?

Gestalt therapy copes with almost all the problems that lie in the field of psychology.

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