What Will Be The iPhone 11 Price in Pakistan?


Apple’s eagerly awaited iPhone II made its first appearance on Tuesday. The big question which remains, is what will its price be in Pakistan?

It will be available in the markets on 20 September. The price of the new iPhone 11 will be starting from $699, whilst the price of the iPhone 11 Pro & the iPhone 11 Pro Max, with the larger screen, will respectively be $999 to 1,349 dollar and $1,099 to 1,449 dollar. 

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Converted to Pakistani rupees, base prices & price ranges will be as stated below:

iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro max

Rs109,394 Rs156,344 – 211,119 Rs171,994 – 226,769

However, you have to take the catch, of customs duty into account! Mobile phones which are priced higher than $500 will be approximately Rs38,000. This will change the prices, to be as follow:


Rs147,394 Rs194,344 – 249,119 Rs 209,994 – 264,769


Apple loyalists must take note that the iPhone 11 & its variants’ official launching date is not yet announced, whilst the prices too are not verified.

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