WhatsApp Update Lets You Lock It with Face ID or Touch ID


These days socializing applications are on the rise and every application is coming up with improved and helpful features, making it user-friendly for everyone. WhatsApp the Facebook-owned messaging application is one of those tools. Sometimes, we need to secure our content from other people, who are not supposed to see and for that, we use third-party applications like LockIt, but these free applications come with lots of issues and unwanted advertisements. To cope up with the situation WhatsApp is comforting its users in the form of a new feature.

The recent update of WhatsApp on Apple IOS lets you lock it with Face ID or Touch ID. The application uses biometric or facial verification to unlock the interface every time it is opened, to keep the unauthorized out of reach. The feature is available for the devices with Apple’s Face ID (if you have any iPhone X model) or Touch ID, which was introduced with 2013. They can be used to lock the app itself, not individual conversations. Your WhatsApp notifications are still visible, and you can do quick replies within iOS without authentication. WhatsApp is also working to bring a similar feature to the Android application and will be launched soon.

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