When did Gold Mining Start

When did Gold Mining Start?


History of Gold is of quite old but exact time cannot be pointed from any source. However, the majority of people still believe that almost 5000 years ago Gold Mining start.

The first gold was exposed in Egypt as the wall painting regarding gold shows the various stages of gold mining development. The river water about 5000 years back was not too polluted as we see in the current age.

Ancient people from Egypt used to extract gold from river water. They used to separate the lighter sand from water and leave the heavier particles of gold at one side.

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Gold Rings as Form of Payment:

It is also believed that the gold rings were used almost 3,000 years BC as a payment form. Gold was taken and kept to meet decorative purposes along with payment methods. Greeks and Romans around 2,000 BC seemed competent in mine shafts process.

Standard Monetary System:

The gold standard has been a vital monetary system in different parts of the world. In Great Britain standard unit of currency were also measured with gold coins and this was first put into operation in 1821. So, that was a short history of gold and it is an informative reading that you can find at Logicalbaat.com only.

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