When was Clay First Used

When was Clay First Used?


Clay has a very old history in humans life. It is believed that Clay has been used by people of different regions for at least 15,000 years.  Its basic use was in making the ceramic objects for multiple needs.

It is also deemed people of approximately 5,000 years ago, learned the art of making clay pots stronger as well as watertight with the help of fire’s heat. After that, they discovered, after burning with specific heat the properties of clay get changed.

In an earlier age, individuals discovered the art of converting small vessels into building materials. Clay-based tiles, as well as bricks, were introduced as first composite materials.

Also watch the Master Hand for clay pots. See how does he shape clay into fabulous finished clay products?

Almost 5,000 years ago Egyptian wall paintings are clear examples of such bricks and pots. Now ceramic has become a huge industry which produces millions of dollars each year.

Traditional use of clay especially for stomach disease is also an important use in the history of human life. Armenian bole in prehistoric time is a wonderful example that you can look at.

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