When was Paper First Made

When was Paper First Made?


It is reported that the first paper was made in China almost 2000 years back. The man who was the inventor behind it was Ts’ Ai Lun. He first arranged inner bark which was from Mulberry Tree. It was then pounded into the water until the time it was like a mass of flattened threads.

After getting the flattered threads he put this puled solution with great perfection on a flat tray that was made by bamboo strips.

The water had the ability to drain because of the design of bamboo. The threads which were in bamboo were kept without giving them any movement so that they get dry. After a few days, it was found that the dried result was like flat and fibrous material. And it was later on considered to be a very first paper made by human hands.

Initial discovery makes the development process easy and same was the case with that type of raw paper. The process of brush starch over the paper opened up new uses and shapes for paper.

Soon, the art of papermaking was spread from China to Russia and the middle east. The Chinese traders spread the secret of this papermaking art and the latest paper making machine was developed in 1798 but this was not in china rather it was in France and the person behind the invention was Louis Robert.

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