When Was the First Plastic Made

When Was the First Plastic Made?


Plastics have an interesting history in human life. They are the result of a chemical process which is known as polymerization. The chemists belonging to the 19th century had no latest equipment and technology but they were fully aware of the core concept of plastic.

Do you see a beautiful yellow duck that is a clear example of plastic and how easy is it to mould?

The very first plastic was made in 1838, you can name it like vinyl chloride. But the thing is, no one had imagination about the full power of this plastic stuff. What could be the uses of such plastics? This was like a mystery for them. One important point regarding it was to bring down the cost for the production. Chemists were trying to find out some alternate manufacturing materials.

Discovery of Celluloid:

John Hyatt got success in discovering the Celluloid when he was actually trying to get an alternative for ivory. It proved to be a turning point in the plastic industry as it was very tough as well as malleable. After this, chemists started work on synthetic materials.

Discovery of Phenolformaldehyde in 1909:

The advanced level development’s credit goes to none other than Leo Baekeland because he discovered a special material called as phenol-formaldehyde in 1909. Because this material had an ability to be moulded in any desired shape and style. It was also cheap to produce it as compared with vinyl chloride.

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