“When you work in Bollywood, there is no self-respect,” Mehwish Hayat

“When you work in Bollywood, there is no self-respect,” Mehwish Hayat


Mehwish Hayat is one of the most sought after actresses in our entertainment industry. She has never disappointed us in any role. While always giving staller performances, she has made a strong mark in the industry.

Being such a successful actress, one really wonders why she has not yet signed any project from Bollywood. Well, the reason is revealed by Mehwish herself.

During a recent interview, Mehwish was questioned about this. To answer this question, she clearly stated that,

“I was already getting so much quality work in Pakistan that i did not feel the need. I received so much respect from my own country.”

In her opinion, to work in bollywood, one must sacrifice one’s self-respect and she was not ready to do so. For her, self-respect is the most important thing to live a happy and confident life.

Mehwish clearly said,

“For me, self-respect is very important. When you work in Bollywood, there is no self-respect, you dont get to attend premieres or even promote the film. Even travelling is life threatening there. So where there is no self-respect, regardless of more money or more fame, for me, its not worth the deal.”

Mehwish is now considered among the top Asian actresses in the globe. So, that was very evident that she could not compromise her honor and self-respect for a slight gain or a littöe fame which has no meaning and honor in it.

We hail thy veiws and respect for the country.

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