Which party will win the election

Which party will win the election if there is declaration of mid-term election? Gallup Survey


Gallup survey was conducted in the month of June and the people of Pakistan again decided to vote for the PTI government.  Although people are very angry with the policies of the government but still they are supporting Imran Khan and his party. This was revealed in the survey by the people of Pakistan.

There is an increase of 4% in the popularity of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Sharif. But still, PTI is ahead of PML N. Imran Khan’s party is taking very bold decisions in the country. The next year is going to be very crucial for the leading party. People will make up a mind to continue their support for PTI or not.

The budget session of 2019 has been ended after leaving many questions behind. But people are looking for some good news, if next year again brings no encouraging results from the PTI’s government then serious threats will be put on the caliber of this party.

Be clear on the Gallup survey report that PTI, PML (N) and PPP got following percentage of votes:

  1. PTI- 31 %
  2. PML (N) 24 %
  3. PPP- 15 %

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