Who is Markhor & Who is Haramkhor

Who is Markhor & Who is Haramkhor? Shoaib Akhtar’s Fearless Video


There is heat or we can say that’s big hatred between the two countries. We are not talking about two Asian giants India and Pakistan. We are talking about Pakistan and Afghanistan cricket match. A match that was played in UK left very bad impressions in the minds of people.

We saw some incidents where Pakistanis were beaten by Afghan nationals on the roads. The blood of Paki people was considered very cheap. Afghan people who are living in UK misbehaved in the ground and in the streets after match.

Pakistan always helps Afghanistan in many issues but Afghanistan always treats badly. It happens again in cricket world cup 2019 when the CEO of Afghanistan issues statement,

“Pakistan team should learn how to play with the Afghanistan team.”

Now, lets talk about the viral video of Shoaib Akhtar where he shows the true color of the Afghanistan team by saying them Haramkhor. He also states, many of the players in Afghanistan team had no real identity cards.

Akhatar also thinks, India invests on these players but these invested Indian players are nothing. They are just crap stuff. Shoaib Akhtar also states that our country Pakistan always helps their children, women, and migrants.

He further adds, they will never be better than Pakistani team. He clearly points out Pakistan as a Markhor.

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