Apple is Looking to Buy Intel Smartphone Modem

Why Apple is Looking Forward to Buy Intel’s Smartphone Modem Business?


Apple Inc. is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers and no doubt we acknowledge its product quality which they are managing since the past decade. The secret behind this delivery of quality products is the high tech supplies which Apple uses in their smartphones. For most of the smartphone manufacturers, acquiring these parts is the most difficult task as they can’t specialize in every technology, so they have to rely on other suppliers by paying a lot. Each supplier provides its part and contributes to the assembling of a perfectly operational smartphone.

Apple is independent in case of most of the parts like Bluetooth which they are using especially for their Ear Pods. Apple is dependent on other suppliers for modem and memory only. For modems, they have to buy the technology from Qualcomm which is one of the largest suppliers globally for such technology. Recently it has been heard that Apple is in talks with Intel to acquire its Smartphone Modem Business. The biggest reason is that they don’t need it anymore and Apple is looking forward to coming up with 5G iPhones.

By this acquisition, Apple would be able to use all the patents and employees to fulfill the purpose. Ultimately, Apple will get two major benefits which will be getting a strong step towards 5G technology and getting independent status in case of modem supplies from Qualcomm. Apple is already working on 5G but the delay is up till the year 2025 and by this step they will be able to fulfill the requirement much earlier. After finalizing this deal Apple still has to rely on the Qualcomm as nothing is readily available. The deal is expected to be done in approximately 1$ Billion.

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