‘Why did PM Imran Khan get 45 minutes at UNGA session?’


New York: Pakistan Premier Imran Khan has delivered a historic speech at the United Nations General Assembly after presenting a bleak side of Modi government before the world. And here are the Indian authorities complaining about 45 minutes. Sounds really exciting and funny!

Local media revealed that Indians are complaining about why PM Imran Khan was granted 45 minutes while other leaders have only got 15 minutes.
India’s ANI news agency tweeted that

“Speech time allotted to every leader at the United Nations General Assembly is 15 minutes, PM Narendra Modi adhered to it. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan exceeded the limit.”

The main reason which causes a disturbance in India was that PM Imran Khan has exposed their ugly face before the world and they are not digesting it. In one way or the other, they are only making themselves a laughing stock before the world.

This complain by Indian authorities has become a major subject for the Pakistani awam to troll Indians. There were a lot of memes circulating on social media about India complaining about the ‘extra time’ allotted to PM Imran Khan.

Moreover, several pictures were circulating on social media regarding the condition of Narendra Modi after listening to PM Imran Khan’s speech.

The serious faces of the representatives of India at UNGA became a constant source of amusement for the people of Pakistan.

Here are some of the memes which went viral on twitter,

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