People Can’t Wait For Avengers

Why People Can’t Wait For Avengers: Endgame Anymore?


Marvel Cinematic Universe is the world’s largest platform which was initially originated by the name of Marvel Comics and entertained millions of kids and people from other age range. When MCU started making movies on the basis of solo superhero characters like Iron Man and Captain America which were released after every couple of years but in 2012 MCU came with a title named The Avengers in which they combined almost half a dozen superheroes and kept coming with two more titles in which they further increased number of superheroes.

The last Avengers movie in the sequel was Avengers: Infinity War which was the 21st movie in the MCU and ended on a very unusual cliff hanger as Thanos the ultimate villain wiped half of the humans from the entire universe with the help six infinity stones, which Marvel fans never expected. Well, this all leads us to the 22nd movie of MCU which will be released on April 26 all over Pakistan. The excitement of many fans just further increased as after the critics’ review of the early premiere of the said movie started appearing on the web, which says that the three-hour movie is worth watching.

In the past few years, the popularity of MCU increased significantly by creating a sequence of amazing movies and increased the no of fans around the world. All the Marvel Fans are now curious that what will happen in the movie which is still to be released in a couple of days, at the same time people are trying to prevent spoilers of the movie ending which are wandering around the internet. The only way for the dedicated fans is to watch the movie as soon as it appears in the cinemas.

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