PM Imran’s address to Pakistanis in Washington

“Will never let you down” PM Imran’s address to Pakistanis in Washington


Karachi: Prime Minister Imran Khan has paid his official three days visit to Washington, US.

While addressing a ‘record-setting’ gathering of the overseas Pakistanis here on early Monday, PM Imran Khan discussed a lot of critical issues going on in Pakistan and assure them that he will never let them down.

It is pertinent to note that PM Imran Khan was warmly welcomed by the US officials on his arrival. Thousands of Pakistanis arrived at the spot to welcome Pm Imran khan. The crowd was chanting the slogans of “Pakistan Zindabad”.

The program started with the usual recitation of the Holy Quran as was observed in Pakistan.

Salman Ahmed with his immortal song “Hey Jazba Junoon Tu Himmat Na Haar” has lifted up the courage and passion of the overseas Pakistanis.

Witnessing a huge crowd, Pakistan Premier opened up about receiving so much love and respect from the Pakistanis living in the US. He addressed them stating that,

“I thank you from the heart for giving me so much respect today. I had thought that in Washington we will call 500-1000 people to a hotel and speak to them. I couldn’t even fathom that I would get to speak to you in such a big arena.”

While he also discussed the importance of merit which is lacking in Pakistan but followed by all the progressed countries like the US, China, and Australia.

The premier mentioned that “Nations that have gone ahead in the world are those who have achieved progress on the basis of a meritocracy.”

“I will give you an example of cricket. Australia is that team which has been the most successful in cricket; why? This is because Australia has a system that nurtures and lets talent rise.”

“If there is anywhere in the world that I have seen the best of cricketing talent; it is in Pakistan. But because we don’t have a system of merit, our talent is not given the opportunity to rise,” he further added.

PM said declared that “There is a reason why the Muslim world has been left behind; the Mughal Empire was at its peak and then went into decline because successive dynastic rulers did not have the capability to lead.”

“Nawaz Sharif was propped up by dictator. Asif Zardari & Bilawal became leaders on the basis of some piece of paper that left the party behind to them. Similar stories with other parties.”

“You go anywhere in the world, see China’s communist party and you see how they reward merit and let the best of the best come up. The beauty of democracy is merit.”

PM asserted that “In a democracy, it is the leader of the country who is accountable. This is a very important tenet of our religion as well; that leaders are accountable, but in Pakistan; when courts make a decision, they say ‘Kyun Nikala’.”

“What’s happening today in Pakistan is ‘Naya Pakistan’. Where the powerful are being held accountable,” he added.

PM Imran Khan also discusses that 80% of the people living in Pakistan are deprived of air conditions while 60% don’t have TVs. And there we have our jailed politicians enjoying air conditioned rooms with TVs and other facilities. He assured them that he will also make them deprived of these facilities just as his people are deprived off.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s Address to the overseas Pakistanis

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi also addressed the crowd and stated that “We have not come here with a begging bowl! We have not come with any aid demands. We’re here because PM Imran Khan will share with President Trump, the road-map of ‘Naya Pakistan’.”

“We’re here to open new corridors on borders that were previously closed. I am referring to Kartarpur & CPEC. We’re here to invite investors of the US to invest in Pakistan,” FM added.

The minister said: “Many Pakistani Prime Ministers have visited the US but this the first PM in history who didn’t charter a Boeing 777 but took a commercial flight. Who chose to stay at Pakistan House rather an expensive hotel.”

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