Woman being raped

Woman alleges being ‘raped’ on a false pretext in Islamabad


Islamabad: A woman who belonged to the F-10 sector in Islamabad has recently registered an FIR against her employer. She claimed that her boss has trapped her in false promises and marriage. Later on, he has killed her first baby in the womb and now he is refusing to establish a legal relationship with her as she is again pregnant.

After approaching Shalimar Police Station, she has submitted a written complaint in which she has mentioned that the CEO of her company has cunningly trapped her and now he is refusing to accept her.

She declared in her statement: “I took up employment as ‘Business Coordinator’ with the company in 2015. With the passage of time, the owner started luring me into a romance with the promise that he will marry me and was trying to convince his family and also asked me that my sisters will not have any objection because he was already married.”

“I told him that if he will send the proposal in a decent manner, I will convince my sisters. Then he started convincing me that if adult man and woman agree to marry each other they wedlock is established under ‘Shariah’ but I refused to accept the argument and disagreed with him.”

“In October 2015 he brought a ‘Fatwa’ (Islamic edict) which stated that if adult man and woman agree to marry, the wedlock is established under ‘Shariah’. And then he started taking me to his house in sector F-11 and established physical relation. As I believed that I had become his lawful wife, I eventually became pregnant.”

“When he came to know about the pregnancy in October 2018, he mixed some lethal medicine in Pepsi and made me drink that with the intent to carry out an abortion. I felt severe pain after drinking and my pregnancy, which had entered 6th week by the time was aborted.”

“He smilingly told me that he had administered me a medicine ‘black stone’ in the drink and said that it was not the right time to have a baby and promised that we will have babies at a later stage. I was very angry and disturbed but he once again lured me, promising that very soon he will announce the wedding in front of everybody and will let me have a separate house to live.”

“After that, he once again made me pregnant. When I told him about pregnancy and asked him to announce the marriage as he had promised, he kept dilly delaying the matter. Then on 16-05-2019, he came to my apartment in F-10 where I was living and called me to come down in the parking lot. While sitting in the car he again tried to make me drink some juice to which I refused because he had told me the last time how he administered ‘black stone’ medicine to carry out abortion of the first baby.”

“On refusal, he became violent and tried to beat me but I managed to get out of the car and ran to safety. However, now the accused is continuously threatening me with my life and pressurizing me to go for abortion the second time. I refused and told him to first announce the ‘Nikah’ (wedlock) in front of everybody and fulfil the promises he had made to me. Hearing this he said that the baby was illegitimate, leaving me stunned and I went into mental trauma. This cruel person has buried me alive and when I confirmed the ‘Fatwa’ that he showed me the first time, it turned out to be false. I have got myself medically checked up and my pregnancy has entered 8th week by now. The medical checkup report is also attached.”

“Now, he straightaway refused to accept the child,” she further added.

“I request to conduct my medical checkup immediately and also conduct a DNA test to ascertain the parentage. This man is very cruel and very influential and I am under the fear that he will get me killed.”

Police are making inquiries and trying to approach her employer. She has registered the case on 29-05-2019. Police have not yet made any progress in the case. However, investigations have been under process to clearly follow the case.

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