Husband tortured his wife

Woman from Lahore, get tortured by her Husband


Lahore: A woman from Lahore’s Defence area has filed an FIR against her husband on the charge of subjecting her to torture soon after she refused to dance before his friends.

She told Geo TV network about her sufferings stating that this was a routine task. Her husband has always tortured her.

A video of Asma in which she is looking completely battered and bald goes viral on social media.

In the video, we have seen her talking about her husband’s brutalities. She explained how his husband even took off her clothes in front of his employees. That was very humiliating. He cut her hair by making her bald.

She was further spotted explaining the coldness of Kahna police station where she was asked for money to file an FIR against her husband.

Taking notice of all the allegations presented by Asma, Superintendent Model Town Muhammad Ali Wasim has instructed the DSP Model Town to provide him a report after the Asma filed an FIR against her husband Mian Faisalinvestigation process.

Minster of Human Rights Shireen Mirza tweeted as she has taken notice and looked into the case.

Police have arrested two suspects after Asma filed an FIR against her husband Mian Faisal.


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