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X2 Cafe—Enjoy a Perfect Ambience

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X2 Café attracts the visitors’ attention for its amazing interior and perfect ambience to spend some quality hours at this spot.

The highly-expensive café is located near Hussain Chowk in Gulberg.


The restaurant is admired among the visitors owing to its

  • Great Ambience
  • Perfect Interior
  • Multiple Cuisines
  • Spacious

However, you must also keep in mind a few drawbacks which includes

  • Slow Service
  • Highly Expensive
  • Average Taste

Interior & Ambience

First of all, let’s discuss some remarkable points regarding the interior structure and ambience of this junction.

The place is quite spacious for your dine in options. Unlike other restaurants at that location, you won’t feel suffocation or congested areas. People usually avoid dining at the spots which are congested having no proper sitting arrangements. This is certainly a very good thing followed by the management.

For the visitors’ interest, the café is offering small areas or sections. Each one of them has its own unique and perfect interior. I think this is one of the very unique concepts followed in Lahore.

The café has been built on an overall purple theme.

The area which is secured for the Chinese cuisines seemed to me the most perfect one having a simple and decent interior.

Another plus point for this café is that they have arranged an outdoor sitting as well which should be encouraged on pleasant weather days or during winters. Some people love to enjoy their food in the open air.

Last but not least, the ambience of this restaurant surpasses everything else. You can always enjoy a good time at this spot. An amazing and perfect ambience is the desire of almost every individual thinking of dining out.


So, what they have on their menu?

The restaurant serves multiple cuisines including Pan-Asian, Chinese, Continental and Desi cuisines. However, the restaurant claimed to be a perfect one for offering Pan-Asian cuisines therefore, you’ll discover more variety in Pan-Asian cuisines.

They will entertain you with Chinese, Desi, Seafood, Thai, Chicken and Beef items with a perfect presentation of them all.

However, having multiple cuisines is not something to be proud of unless you managed a perfect taste for them. I have felt that the quality of the food is not as great as I have expected.

Moreover, the eatery is highly expensive. You can enjoy your meal in RS1200-1600 per person which includes the main course and drink.


X2 Café is located at 102 C2، near Hussain Chowk, Block C 2 Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan.

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