Yaariyan Sadia is suffering

Yaariyan – Sadia is suffering for things she hasn’t done


Geo Entertainment’s new drama Serial Yaariyan is getting audience’ attention with a strong storyline and an interesting star cast including the stunning Ayeza Khan (Zubi), Muneeb Butt (Umair), Momal Shaikh (Sadia) and Junaid Khan (Ahmer) in lead roles.

It revolves around the story of two different natured sisters Zubi and Sadia. The second episode reveals how Sadia suffers for all those things which she hasn’t even committed.

As soon as the second episode starts, Ahmer’s heart broke into pieces after seeing Sadia with Umair. We as the audience know what the reality is. However, everybody present at the moment gets the wrong side of the matter. Ahmer leaved immediately with his mother while Sadia’s father throws Umair out of the house and started scolding and beating Sadia. Zubi came to rescue Sadia and got injured instead.

Zubi has been shifted to the hospital immediately, well, it’s quite unusual that a slight sofa hit in the head caused so much adversity in her life that Doctors informed her parents that she is in a coma.

On the other hand, Sadia’s parents started thinking of Sadia as a bad girl having a stained character. Moreover, Ahmer is not attending Sadia’s calls as he doesn’t want her in his life from now onwards.

No one is believing Sadia despite her attempts to clear out the situation. She is not being listened to by a single person. Getting tired of all this, she tries to take her life but then skips the idea as she doesn’t want to die before proving herself innocent.


Meanwhile, Umair pays a visit to the hospital where Zubi was admitted. One really wonders who did he managed to know the name of the hospital and even the room number where Zubi was admitted. There are certainly some mistakes in the episodes.

Zubi’s mother got shocked after seeing him so concerned about Zubi. It gave her a double thought of what Sadia was saying that Umair belongs to Zubi and not to her. However, she doesn’t listen to him and asked him to leave the room immediately.

Later on, we see that Zubi gets out of the coma and it seemed that Sadia’s problems will be solved. Let’s see what happened in the latest episode of Yaariyan!

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