Yamaha Bike Prices Increased Up To Rs. 8,000

After Honda Atlas has increased its bike prices, Yamaha Pakistan follows the footsteps. The company has increased bike prices up to Rs. 8,000. Mind you, the bike maker announced the 6th hike this year.

Earlier, Yamaha increased bike prices in October and, after a short period of one month, drove up a new one.

New Yamaha Bike Prices

  • Yamaha YB125Z (Red/Black) price has seen a jump of Rs. 7,000, and now it will cost Rs. 293,500 compared to the old rate of 286,500.
  • The new price of the company’s second bike, Yamaha YB125Z-DX (Red/Blue/Black), is Rs. 314,500 compared to Rs. 307,000. Meaning the price has been increased by Rs. 7,500.
  • And the third one is Yamaha YBR 125 (Red/Blue/Black), which has observed a jump of Rs. 7500, taken to a new price of Rs. 322,500 compared to the old rate of Rs.315,000
  • Meanwhile, the new price of YBR125G (Red/Black) is Rs. 336,000 compared to the old rate of Rs. 328,000. Meaning the price has seen a considerable jump of Rs. 8,000.
  • The new price of Yamaha YBR125G (Matt Dark Gray) is Rs. 339,000 compared to the old rate of Rs. 331,000. So, you have to pay an extra amount of Rs. 8,000.

Keeping the legacy, the company did not mention the reason behind the hike. Bike companies have been doing the same since the inception of 2022, and the episode is not concluding soon. Industry experts and bike manufacturers are expecting more price hikes in the face of the prevailing economic fuss.

On the contrary, government reports narrate a different story. As per reports, a major percentage of bike manufacturing is localized – leaving no reason for frequent huge price hikes and blaming economic downturn.

What do you think about the fresh hike in Yamaha bike prices? Do you think it is justified? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. 

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