Yasir Hussain anti-smoking message

Yasir Hussain gives an anti-smoking message in his latest post


Pakistan’s acclaimed actor Yasir Hussain has been the center of attention or to say the center of criticism ever since he has proposed his love lady Iqra Aziz on LSA 2019.

Not only Yasir Hussain but Iqra Aziz faced an immense backlash as well. Recently the stunning actresses also addressed the issue of cyber bullying on her Instagram handle.

The recent intimate photo-shoot of the couple gives another reason to their haters to hate them and this actually happened. However, the duo is not giving an ear to all the criticism and hat comments they received day after day.

Yasir Hussain took to his Instagram handle and posted a picture of him in which he is smoking. Albeit his message is anti-smoking but he has been shown smoking himself. He has captioned the picture in these words,

“Tambakoo noshi sehet k liye muzir hai.”
“Wesy toh Jalna Sarrna Hasad karna Gheebat karna Jhoot bolna bhi sehet k liye muzir hai lekin aap tambakoo se start karen.”

Pointing towards the caption, Yasir Hussain clearly gives an anti-smoking message to all the people. However, there was much more to discuss than just an anti-smoking message.
Yasir Hussain also targeted his haters mentioning some negative vices like “Jalna, Hassad Karna, Gheebat Karna, etc.”
Apart from his caption, he is actually looking handsome and cool in this shared picture.

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