Yayvo, is Pakistan’s online shopping destination which the people love to choose for a significant shopping spree! It is their goal to provide customers with the ease to shop online, when too tired to visit a shopping mall. Now to save the time we always try to buy online. The cost of time and all the restrictions of travelling are needed to be resolved.

At Yayvo shoppers will be able to click on what they like, whilst it will be delivered to their doorstep. Its customers can choose from more than 200K products. Each day you can review the items which you like or which you need for daily life. All big brands are almost there. Yayvo discount offers can also be availed online. From Google you can search this item and get huge benefits on your purchase.

At this magnificent online shopping mall, you will find a collection of leading brands from which you can choose. They are offering a variety of the following merchandise:

  • Men’s fashion
  • Women’s fashion
  • Entertainment
  • Mobiles and Tablets
  • Grooming & beauty
  • Computing
  • Soghaat
  • Appliances
  • Home & Living
  • Books
  • Health & baby
  • School & Education
  • Superstore
  • Others

Yayvo: Prime Destination for Tickets

Are you looking for World Soccer Star or PSL tickets? Well, yayvo.com is the prime Pakistani site for people who desire to purchase tickets for first class entertainment. The cricket lovers now can buy the tickets before it is too much late. No need to make requests to anyone because Yayvo website is offering all latest matches tickets in their sports category.

Yayvo.com has a 24/7 help center available, whilst it will deliver your products on time. It offers safe payment and great value! However, Yayvo takes pride in the fact that it is selling only original products!

Let your fingers do the shopping at yayvo.com!

If you see issue in your purchased item or sometimes we get the products which we did not order, then no need to think too much. Just you need to send an email or make a call to the support agent anytime. They will issue you the ticket and then within 24-48 hours you can be reached back.So, if you do not want to visit Daraz, OLX or other known platforms then yayvo shopping site is best alternative for you.

Yayvo app:

So, now you need to install yayvo app in your cell phone. It will help you to check the products instantly on your mobile. Yayvo sellers know very well what is the current demand and what is the bestselling in the market.

Yayvo contact is another cool feature because the live chat option is normally given for buyers and sellers. If there is anything confusing, then buyer will discuss the pros and cons of the product in which he or she is interested.

Another thing to note is, often the yayvo sellers upload or publish numerous products for example yayvo home appliances. In this case you want to get some information about a product or you feel confused about the features of products. This confusion will not be a problem for you just us the live chat option and then you will be guided from the owner of that products.

Yayvo Box of Hope:

Through this box of hope is basically a CSR initiative that helps the humanity. A number of times we see a lot of unwanted products in our store rooms. We don’t take benefit from them. We just try to keep them for long time, ultimately those extra stuff becomes useless. Even in the market no one is going to accept or buy those items. So, yayvo box of hope will be a source to provide foods, clothes or other home based items which can mean a lot for poor people who cannot afford them.

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