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“Ye Dil Mera” is Hum TV’s recently begin drama serial which has hooked its audience with the very first two episodes. The serial is quite engaging as it has something different to deal with. Unlike other typical love stories, this serial’s couple has a deep rooted history.

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Ye Dil Mera

This week’s episode was quite interesting and mysterious. The audience of the show discovered much about the nature of the boss, I mean Amaan-ullah Khan. The serial is penned down by Farhat Ishtiaq. Featuring Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir in lead roles, this drama is going to be the biggest block buster of this era.

From the very beginning of the serial, we have felt that Noor gets really embarrassed in front of Amaan when her father stops her from drinking cold water. She felt that her father still considers her a baby even in front of the other people.

Noor has such a sharp mind. During midnight, she starts using Facebook where she received a friend request by Amaan. Deep inside, she is dancing with excitement. However, she shows an attitude to him by not accepting it.

The very next day, she discovered that the request has been deleted and she regrets the fact that why she didn’t accept it earlier. However, she sends him a friend request and he accepted it and now they are friends on Facebook.

Noor has been spending her days quite happily and her father is happy to see her happy. He has felt a great change in her and appreciates it. Moreover, Noor wanted to apply for an internship in Amaan’s AK oil refineries. However, her father does not agree but she requested him and then he granted her permission.


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Part 2.. SHORT CLIPS/SCENES FROM YESTERDAYS EPISODE… Review.. @sajalaly @ahadrazamir All tha characters are very well portraying.. The set ,the dialogues, the acting … all are totally perfect ..The way when @parasmasroor1 called Sajal Aly as Baby… Hayeeee ❤❤ You are a baby SAJAL ALY… soo cuteness .. .. you are even more cuttest then any baby.. Muahhhh. AMaan being sooo bossy..😎😎 His personality ufff fida ho gaye. Loving YEH DIL MERA.. THANK U sooooo much @farhatishtiaq & @aehsuntalish to make it Happen.. ❤❤ #Sajal #sajalaly #mominasultan #momina #alif #photography #pakistan #dkd #dhoopkideewar #zeera #ehdewafa #drama #love #sahad #sahadkishaadi #ahadrazamir #love #ehdewafa #saad #sajla #sajalaly #mominasultan #momina #alif #aina #aman #ydm #yehdilmera #yks #yedilmera #noorulain #amaan #instagram #wy #ydm #aina #noorulain #noor #ydm #yehdilmera

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One shocking thing that happened in this episode was that Noor’s father has a wife whom he meets in Karachi. However, Noor is completely unaware of the fact that she has a step-mother.

The serial is quite mysterious about not only Amaan but Noor’s father as well. Both have a deep past which they are hiding and don’t want to reveal.


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On the other hand, Amaan goes through all the files which his company received from the students of the different universities. Noor’s name has not been selected by the management. However, Amaan puts her name into the list and asked his manager to call all these students for the interview.

Moreover, it is also shocking that Amaan himself will conduct all interviews.

Noor gets ready for her interview in quite a traditional and formal way. She is all dressed in white outfit carrying jhumkas and light make up. She was quite over confident that she would clear the interview. However, Amaan has very brilliantly made her speechless. All her confidence vanishes in front of him in Ye Dil Mera Episode 3 Review.

Amaan left the interview in the middle and leaves for home. She is quite upset and angry at him saying ‘apny ap ko smjhta kya hy’. She found him quite arrogant and rude.

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