Ye Dil Mera Episode 05 Review

Ye Dil Mera Episode 05 Review


Hum TV’s most awaited and hit drama serial “Ye Dil Mera” is receiving rave views by the audience owing to its mysterious story and characters.

Ye Dil Mera

The recently aired episode of “Ye Dil Mera” has made the audience even more curious about the past lives of the leading characters including Noor, Amaan and Mir Farooq. From the last four episodes, we have discovered that Amaan has a mysterious past and so does Noor and her father Mir Farooq.

Ye Dil Mera Episode 05 Review

This psychological thriller has become the talk of the town. Even on social media, people are praising Ahad and Sajal’s remarkable performances. This week’s episode revealed that Noor is even afraid of the elevator.  Amaan was quite surprised to see how she reacts to the closed elevator. She feels uncomfortable the very moment it starts.

We have witnesses that Amaan often recalls his past, particularly his mother who has taught her to play the piano. Whenever he plays it he recalls all his past memories. There is something haunting and disturbing in his mind. Being the audience of the play we really wonder what has exactly happened to Amaan in his past.

Noor who has been assigned a report which should be completed by the end of the office has been cursing her job. However, she completed the report and went to the CEO to submit. Amaan becomes furious to discover that there were a lot of minor mistakes on her project. He scolds her and she was quite nervous.

After she left his office, Amaan admitted that her mistakes were minor but it seemed that he has fallen in love with her and doesn’t find any way out to call her into his office. On the other hand, Noor also doesn’t mind his scolding and submitted the report without mistakes.

Noor’s father has a cunning and mysterious self which no one knows. His employee Humayun has double crossed him in his business and he has taught him the lesson. It was revealed when he has been informed by his other employee that Humayun has been killed in Singapore. Deep inside, he knew it. And we as the audience also got that while witnessing his expressions.

Moreover, he has been married for 7 years but can’t replace his daughter’s love with anyone else. Even when his wife complaints to him about this he badly scolded her warning her of the divorce. He said to her that she has no right to compare herself with his daughter Noor.

Coming back to Amaan and Noor, Amaan called her in his office and appreciated that she has done the reports quite efficiently and that there are no mistakes. Noor is quite happy to hear all this.

Based on a novel written by Farhat Ishtiaq, “Ye Dil Mera” is perfectly hooking its audience. We are anxiously waiting for the next episode.

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Ye Dil Mera Episode 05 Review
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