Ye Dil mera

Ye Dil Mera Episode 06 Review


Key Points

  • Amaan has some past associated with Mir Farooq
  • Amaan feels a connection with Bilqees Bowa
  • Amaan proposes Noor for marriage

Ye Dil Mera Episode 06 Review

“Ye Dil Mera” is perfectly following its track after introducing more and more exciting turns and mysteries about the characters. We were already familiar with Amaan and Noor’s psychological problems, however, there isn’t any proper explanation to it yet.

This week’s episode marks major revelations regarding the lives of the characters, particularly about the leading characters. Amaan is all in love with Noor. There are encounters between them and their friendship is going really good.

The episode begins when Amaan offers an elevator to Noor but she refused saying that she is claustrophobic.  However, Amaan assured her that he is there with her and nothing would happen. Noor goes for it and surprisingly her experience wasn’t as bad as she had experienced earlier. Mir Farooq is also concerned after knowing all this. The moment they arrived on the floor, Farooq reacts as so possessive and protective father.

Then another scene revealing the background of Mir Farooq’s second wife came forward. She is talking with her sister who taunts her saying that she is not declared wife of Farooq. She explained to her that that was already decided that they would not declare their wedding.

She recalled the time when they were leading a pathetic life. She asked her sister that whatever she is now, it is all because of Farooq and she should not have such feelings about him. However, she advised her to have her own child, especially a son, who will look after her after Farooq. Otherwise, Noor will be the sole owner of all of Farooq’s wealth.

The most suspenseful scene occurred when Amaan visits Mir Farooq to discover about his health as he has taken Noor’s elevator incident quite seriously. Farooq explained to him how dear Noor is to him. He can’t afford a single tear of her.

Amaan’s reply to Farooq

Amaan’s reply to Farooq has left us all curious. He said that yes it is not easy to bear the pain of one’s own child, however, one cannot feel the pains of someone else’s child. His words were delivered with a sarcastic tone and we as the audience really wonder what he is referring to. Perhaps Farooq has done something really bad to someone’s child or perhaps to Amaan or his family. We are yet unaware of the story.

Another interesting thing happens when Amaan saw Bilqees Bowa. He felt an association with the woman. His expressions showed that perhaps he already knew her and there is a connection between them. However, Bilqees Bowa was quite neutral, kind as usual.

Last and the most important thing happened when Amaan called Noor and asked her to visit his office as he wanted to talk to her. Noor is quite surprised. However, she arrived at his office and found him quite nervous. After some hesitation and nervousness, Amaan finally proposes her saying ‘Mujh sy shadi kro g’.

Noor is all shocked

Noor is all shocked thinking about what he has said while gazing at his face. Amaan asked for her consent and she readily agrees. Both are quite happy.

Amaan has no family, so he asked his uncle Ghazanfar who is Farooq’s close friend to take his rishta to him. Ghazanfar does this and Mir Farooq is all worried and lost thinking that Noor is soon going to marry and will leave him.

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Ye Dil Mera Episode 06 Review
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