“Ye Dil Mera” Episode 10 Review


“Ye Dil Mera” has its latest episode that went on air on Wednesday. During this episode, we got to know a lot about Amaan’s past, about his childhood, his parents and his step uncle.

“Ye Dil Mera” Episode 10 Review

The episode begins when Amaan asked Noor if she is scared of him. To this Noor laughs and replied that no is not afraid of him. To explain in more clear words, she called him her “Muhafiz”. She said that whenever she is with him, she feels protected so how could she be afraid of being with him.

After that, Amaan’s reaction was beyond our imagination. We as the audience can’t get to know what he is thinking and what he will do now. Within a short period, he turned into a completely different man. His eyes filled with tears and aggression at the same time.

Ye Dil Mera

He immediately dropped Noor at her house and Noor said that she won’t talk to him again. The next day, he left for London and stays there for 20 days. Noor has no idea about it.

Noor even got embarrassed when Asia told her that Amaan is off to London. While talking to her friends, Noor said that she had lunch with Amaan yesterday. Asia cleared that Amaan is not in Pakistan so how it is possible. Noor left the table and went away without giving any answer.

Then we witness wedding preparation at her house. Her aunt has come to help her with her wedding shopping. Noor keeps trying Amaan’s phone but every time she is left disappointed as his cell phone is switched off.

Amaan visits his own orphan center

While coming back Amaan visits his own orphan center where he is taking care of the orphans. While talking to a kid, Amaan recalled how his step uncle used to treat him. He doesn’t treat him well. He was not allowed to even drink water from his choice. His uncle used to beat him up with his belt whenever he wants.

Coming back to his house, he recalled the time when he used to make a painting of his family. His mother and father were quite proud of him. Then there was a lot of discussion regarding the family of his father. We just don’t know what actually happened to his parents.

Amaan’s childhood

In my point of view, Noor’s nightmares are associated with Amaan’s childhood. The vision she witnesses in her dreams is that of Amaan and his family. And perhaps the sound of bullet indicates that Amaan’s parents have been murdered.

Now the question rises that who is the killer. And witnessing Amaan’s behavior towards Mir Farooq, we can calculate that there is a strong relationship between him and Mir Farooq.

Amaan called Noor

Getting back from these past memories, Amaan called Noor and asked her for lunch. When she arrived and discovers that where he has been for the past 20 days she makes him realize that he didn’t tell her. Amaan said that he has something to tell her. And in the very next moment, he, very straightforwardly, told her that he can’t marry her and left the place leaving her all alone.

The next day, Noor visited Amaan and asked her about yesterday’s discussion. Amaan once again gets furious and asked her to marry someone else as she would be destroyed if she would marry him.

Well, the drama serial is really getting intense and intriguing. We simply can’t wait for the next episode to go on air.

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“Ye Dil Mera” Episode 10 Review
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