“Ye Dil Mera” Episode 11 Review


The secret behind Amaan’s hatred towards Mir Farooq that we all have been waiting for is revealed in the recent episode of “Ye Dil Mera”. Featuring Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir in the lead roles, this serial is receiving rave views from the audience.

“Ye Dil Mera” Episode 11 Review

Amaan is already familiar with Noor’s psychological problems that she has nightmares in her sleep and gets confused with them. However, Noor doesn’t know what Amaan has in his past. Neither Noor nor we knew about it. However, the latest episode of the serial makes Amaan’s hatred towards Mir Farooq quite obvious.

In the last episode, Mir told Noor that he can’t marry her and left the place. Noor cries her heart in front of him that she can’t live without him but she badly treated her and asked her that she doesn’t know about him. However, Noor is not leaving the house.

At the very moment, Amaan fells into the past memory where one of the biggest truths and secrets of the serial has been revealed. Amaan’s hatred towards Mir Farooq is quite obvious as he has murdered his parents. But we do not know the reason and causes. May be there is some personal enmity between the families. Whatever, we are still uncertain about it.

He wanted to avenge Mir Farooq

Thinking about all this, Amaan made up his mind to marry Noor as he wanted to avenge Mir Farooq. He told her that he would marry her and the marriage preparations just begin in their houses.

Noor and her Khala visit the grave of Noor’s mother and while both of them are quite under the spell of melancholy, Amaan discovers about the circumstances in which her mother has lost her life. Amaan’s questions have actually made Noor’s khala wonder and to know more about her sister’s death. She wanted to know more about it and started digging the old scenes.

Reason and the circumstance

While sitting with Mir Farooq, she discovers about the causes, reason and the circumstance sin which her sister had died. We wonder that Mir Farooq is completely lying to her because his expressions say it all.

He lied to her that she died in a car accident, the accident was so severe that her entire body and face were burnt. And that was the reason that her funeral was offered immediately as per doctor’s advice. From Mir Farooq’s story, we still wonder that there is something missing, something which Mir Farooq is keeping in his heart.

Experiencing the seeds of doubt in Noor’s Khala, Mir Farooq directed his entire staff to be alert and always remain close to Noor while not leaving her alone with her Khala. The instructions are, especially for Bilqees Buwa.

Amaan meeting with Mir Farooq’s second wife

Amaan’s meeting with Mir Farooq’s second wife creates more suspense in our hearts and mind. They both are planning to ruin the life of Mir Farooq. Amaan has searched for Mir Farooq. He knows more about him that his second wife. Well, their planning will further take a turn after the molvi sahib will return back from umrah.

Mir Farooq paid a surprise visit

On the other hand, Mir Farooq paid a surprise visit to her and discovered that she is not at home. He sat there and waits for her. While she arrives he asked her and she said she has been to the saloon. However, after she left, Mir Farooq got a restaurant bill slip from her bag which filled him with doubts.

Let’s see what would happen next in our most awaited drama serial.

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