Ye Dil Mera Episode 17 Review


The recent episode of the drama serial “Ye Dil Mera” marked major story development with some startling revelations. In this week’s episode, we got to know the relationship between Amaan and Noor.

Moreover, we have also been informed about Amaan’s next plan which is to ruin Mir Farooq completely. If you could recall, the first few episodes of the drama serial were mysterious as well. Amaan has made a sketch of Noor and draws the same cut which she has on her neck. However, nobody knows about it.

In this week’s episode, we have realized how Amaan knew about that cut. Amaan left Noor in the cottage and went to search for some wooden sticks for the fire. While cutting the woods, he is all enraged to recall how Mir Farooq has killed his mother and father.

On the other hand, Noor feels a sound that calls ‘Aena’ that is her nick name. This sound really perturbed her peace of mind and she recalled a little girl enjoying swings but at the same time some thoughts have haunted her and she started screaming Amaan Amaan.

Amaan reached there and consoles her by hugging her. She slept and Amaan recalled when he first met Noor in his childhood. Yes! Amaan and Noor have been good friends in their childhood and their mothers as well.

Moreover, our doubts about Amaan’s connection with Nargis bowa are also cleared because they have met before. That was the reason when Amaan first meets Nargis Bowa at his young age he got lost in affection and care.

Amaan also recalled how Noor has got her cut on the neck. She was enjoying swings in bad weather and despite Amaan warning her of a slow drive, she didn’t consider it and eventually falls down.

On the other hand, Mir Farooq is enjoying some old pictures of Noor and his wife Nelofar. Another interesting thing that happened there was a connection between Mir Farooq and Amaan’s mother. It seemed that Mir Farooq loved her so much but she only takes him as her good friend and chooses someone else over him.

Perhaps that was the reason behind Mir Farooq’s hatred towards Amaan’s family that his mother has rejected him. Burning in the fire of rejection, Mir Farooq killed her and his husband as well with the help of his driver. Amaan is no longer ready to forgive him for that.

And there comes the last exciting thing!  Mir Farooq’s second wife has some plans in her mind or perhaps she is being directed by Amaan to speak so. She called Mir Farooq and informed him that she has been receiving calls and messages form an unknown number.

She also disclosed before him that during their last meeting, she has lied to him about going to the parlor. She has actually gone to meet the husband of her cousin in a coffee shop. Mir started believing her. She also told him that she is afraid and can’t handle the matter anymore.

On being asked by Mir Farooq, she told him that the person who is calling and messaging her might know the reality of their relationship i.e. they are husband and wife.

Let’s wait for the next episode to go on air.

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