Ye Dil Mera Episode 19 Review

Ye Dil Mera Episode 19 Review


Ye Dil Mera is Hum TV’s blockbuster drama serial having a lot of mysterious in itself. The mysterious characters of both Ahad Raza Mir and Adnan Siddiqui are not letting their characters sleep easily. Ye Dil Mera Episode 19 Review

Ye Dil Mera Episode 19 Review

The very haunted house where Amaan has taken Noor is his own house when he was a child and used to live with his parents. We have been already told about Mir Farooq’s real face. A wolf under the guise of a successful man and protective father.

Amaan’s selfish nature

Amaan is all sure about his intentions and wanted to avenge Mir Farooq because he has killed his parents and sister. For that purpose, he has married to Aena, a character performed by Sajal Aly. Moreover, we also got to know about Amaan’s selfish nature. He used everyone for his own purpose. And when the purpose is over, that person doesn’t matter to him. That’s exactly what happened with Ghori uncle and Saira (Mir Farooq’s second wife).

Amaan’s study room

Moreover, Aena got to know about Nargis buwa that she has gone to see her nephew who is not well. But deep inside, she knew that Nargis buwa has no family at all. Apart from this, Aena also found her lost locket in Amaan’s study room where no one dares to go except him.

While finding the locket, she discovered that there was only one photo while the picture of his father has been discarded. She gets really confused and angry at the same time. In the evening, she asked Amaan about it while questioning the removal of his father’s picture.

Amaan always gets furious whenever she talks about her father because he is full of hate for him. He also misbehaved with her. However, on the dining table, Amaan asked Aena that she should be worrying about Nargis buwa when she knows that she has no relatives. That’s quite mysterious.

Aena’s aunt called her

Meanwhile, Aena’s aunt called her because she wanted to tell her something really important. But Mir Farooq has already destroyed her image in front of Aena that she keeps on ignoring her calls time and again.

Death of her mother Neelofar

The reason why her aunt called her was that she wanted to tell her about the death of her mother Neelofar who has not died naturally. But rather she has been murdered. Actually, on her father’s death anniversary, she collected all the stuff that belonged to him. Most important among them was a diary that his father used to write.

While reading her father’s diary, she got to know that he rather has mentioned Neelofar and the letter that he has received after two months from her death. Through the letter, he was clearly hinting at the fact that his daughter was upset and was something to tell him. But before she could tell anyone, she died.

Mysterious death of her sister

Neelofar wanted to investigate the mysterious death of her sister and Aena’s mother. But Aena is not ready to answer her calls and even not interested in talking to her. Amaan, on the other hand, has started his mission of ruining Mir Farooq and is getting successful so far.

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