Ye Dil Mera Episode 20 Review


Ye Dil Mera, the wonderful mysterious thrill is getting its fan even more curious with each passing episode. Ye Dil Mera Episode 20 Review Yesterday’s episode has a lot of exciting twists and turns in the story that I cannot help but wait for the next one.
In this week’s episode, we have seen how Sara eventually die because of her own silly mistakes.

Ye Dil Mera Episode 20 Review

She has a cell phone hidden inside her bathroom. She called Amaan and told him that Mir Farooq is trying to send her to Dubai or America where she will be living alone. However, Amaan tries to explain to her that she should do what Mir Farooq is telling her to do. She should also discard the cell phone and sim so that they may not doubt her.

Sara is not getting Amaan’s words when he clearly said that she will die because of her own blunders. And that’s exactly what happened. While talking to her sister, Sara went out of the bathroom while holding a cellphone in her hands. While entering the room she realized that she is in front of the camera. Somehow, she managed to go back to the bathroom and then hide the phone again.

Informed Mir Farooq that Sara has a cellphone

Ali Bakhsh caught her on the camera and informed Mir Farooq that Sara has a cellphone hidden in her bathroom. And that was the point when Mir Farooq ordered him to murder her because she has cheated upon him. Ali Bakhsh does exactly the same in the morning.

On the other hand, Aena got to know that Amaan skips coming to the office or even if he comes, he comes for a very short period of time. She is really disturbed to feel some unusual stuff against Amaan. For her, he is no longer the old Amaan whom she knew and loved.

She went straight to his study room

She went straight to his study room and discovered something that was kept unlearned before the audience. We don’t exactly know what it was. Perhaps it was a photograph. Whatsoever, she captured the picture of the discovered object and meanwhile Amaan come sin house. She pretends she was reading a book as she was getting bored.

Amaan asked her to not come to his office again because he won’t feel good that his wife will be coming to his office off and on. Moreover, the very next day, he lied to her that he has been to the plant to attend a meeting and that’s why he will be late.

While getting back to her house, while he has gone to the bathroom, Aena discovered a ticket from Dubai in his coat pocket. However, she remained silent and doesn’t say a word.

Amaan called his friend

In the midnight, Amaan called his friend and asked her to go to the Karachi and discovered about Sara. He gets confused as if thinking that Sara is Amaan’s girlfriend. Amaan just asks him to stay away from the matter and do what he has assigned him to do.

For his satisfaction, he just wanted to know if Sara has gone to Dubai safely or not. Because deep inside he knew the wolf inside Mir Farooq who can kill everybody.


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