Ye Dil Mera

Ye Dil Mera Episode 22 Review


The recent episode of the blockbuster drama serial “Ye Dil Mera” marked flashback in which Amaan could witness the atrocities of Mir Farooq on his family.

Epsiode begins when Amaan’s father told his mother that Mir Farooq has offered him a very good job in his office. Humera gets really concerned about her family and moreover, she knows the true colors of Mir Farooq.

Deep in her heart, she knows that Mir Farooq is such a cunning person. He is offering favors to her husband only to take him in his confidence and then to play a dirty game with her family.

She straightforwardly asked her husband to reject his offer because they are happy with what they have. They do not want to be under his mercy that’s why there is no need to accept any of Mir Farooq’s offer.

Later in the day, Amaan’s father has told his wife that Mir Farooq had wanted him to do one of his task. He revealed that he has to buy a forest land and just because he is a forest officer so Mir Farooq may get a huge concession in it.

Later in the night, when Humera was all alone in her house, Mir Farooq just approached her with some bad intentions in his mind. He has always been wanted to get her and this time he has decided that he will get her whether emotionally or physically.

He entered in her house making an apology to her. The moment she opened the door, he started showing off his true colors. She approached her and asked her to leave her husband. Humera doesn’t agree and slapped him right on his face.

He wanted to avenge her and so he takes her inside her bedroom and tried to misbehaved with her. Luckily there was a fruits basket inside the room along with a knife.

Humera captured the knife and warned him that she will cut her vain if he will further try to approach her. Zarnish Khan has always won the hearts of her fans with showing such excellent acting skills. This time she was very brilliant in her role of Humera a fully determined and daunted woman.

Mir Farooq left the place warning her that this is not over yet. After some days, while the family was on its way to the picnic, Mir Farooq just arrived and killed all of them except Amaan who has gone to search his boll.

Well, Amaan is the only witness of what Mir Farooq has done with his family. He keeps on playing piano and then faded. Aena called the doctor and he has advised her to take him to the hospital for proper checkup.

Well, the drama serial is really getting serious and interesting as well. Let’s see what the serial will hold in store for all of us in the later episodes.

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