Ye Dil Mera Episode 23 Review

Ye Dil Mera Episode 23 Review


Ye Dil Mera Episode 23 Review

Coming towards its climax, Ye Dil Mera is really giving us ghoosebumps with each single revelation we have been informed about. Mir Farooq who appeared to be a well known and reputed businessman can turn to be so mean, we have never imagined.

With the recent episode that went on air last Wednesday, we got to know more about Mir Farooq’s mean nature and his cunning ways through which he tried to lure Humera.

Humera is Amaan’s wife who doesnt like Mir Farooq at all. She is really upset about what Mir Farooq has doen with her. She has even requested her husband to fix his job somewhere else as she doesnt want to live here anymore.

Meanwhile, Neelofar, who is Mir Farooq’s wife is really upset thinking that he is losing his interest in her. He alwyas avoids her from the very moment he met Humera. She is so alone that she cannot discuss her fears and griefs to anyone in the house.

However, Nargis Buwa assured her that she can trust her because she always considered her as her daughter. Neelofar trusted her and opens her heart before her. Nargis Buwa made no comments but tried to convince her that Humera is a very nice girl she cannot do such thing.

Neelofar is not ready to accept this. She keeps on blaming Humera and Mir farooq for cheating on their spouses respetively.

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Th very next morning, Humera came to her house to visit her and she told each and every thing to her. She said that she wants her help to save herself from Mir Farooq. She told her the incident when Mir Farooq very cunningly enterted her house and tried to misbehave with her.

Neelofar is all shocked hearing all this. She apologized to her for blaming her for all this. Deep inside, she knew what kind of a man her husband is, so, it wasnt difficult for her to trust Humera. She promised her that she will talk to Mir Farooq about all this.

As we all know that Amaan is the only witness of Mir Farooq’s atrocities on his family, he keeps on burning in the fire of revenge. He wanted to avenge hima and that is the reason that he has married his daughter Aena.

On the other hand, Nargis Buwa is really concerned about Aena and wanted to know if she is alright. She called her however, when Aena tried to call her back she doesnt utter a single word and shut down the phone.

Aena is quite disturbed about Amaan’s behavior and the happenings. She tried to figure them oit but remains unsuccessful. However, with the promo of the net epsidoe, we guess she will find answers to all her questions.

In the next epsiode, Amaan has told her that his paresnts were murdered and the murderer is no one but Mir Farooq.

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