Ye Dil Mera Episode 23 Review

Ye Dil Mera Episode 24 Review


So, what happened in the recent episode of Ye Dil Mera was never imagined by any of us. Amaan has kept three graves in one of his rooms. These three graves are of his father, mother and younger sister. However, we have not told about it before.

Just like Aena, we all were also curious to know what exactly lies in the room that Amaan keeps on hiding from all. Aena could not carry Amaan’s tensions and his changing behavior with her at all. So, she started searching for the key to that room.

Surprisingly, Aena became successful in findig the key, however, for us, that was not easy to digest. I mean hiow can someone find a single key in so big a house within munites. Its really impossible but Aena makes it so.

Anyway, Aena just got the keys makes a sudden entry into the room and whoa what she found wile entering the room. A wall full of her pictures and then the picture of her father and Ali Bakhsh together. She got really upset when she finds out that there is a big cross on the pictures of Mir Farooq and Ali Bakhsh.

She went on exploring the room and discovered the graves of Amaan’s family. The names of his family members were engraved on the slides. She really gets upset to know all this.


Meanwhile, Amaan just crossed by the room and finds out that its lights are being switched on. With no signs of surprise, he went inside the room and started lighing the candles with Aena. She asked him who he is.

On the other, Mir Farooq and Ali Bakhsh become successful in finding out the second last number in Saira’s mobile phone that she had dialed before she died. When they dialed the number, it happened to be of Amaan.

Mir Farooq has no words to say exceppt to wonder about what he has done with his daughter. His mind and heart, for a second, became numb. Ali Bakhsh keeps on suggesting him to check upon Amaan before marrying Aena but he has Refused his words. But nothing could be done now.

Amaan disclosed the biggest secret of his life. He told her that his family was being brutally murdered and the murderer was none other than her father Mir Farooq. She does not believe him. She keeps on telling him that her father cannot do such thing and he is simply putting blame on him.

Meanwhile, Mir Farooq just arrived to take Aena with him hut Aena refused to go with him saying that she is happy in her husband’s house. Before talking to Aena, Mir Farooq very cunningly asked Amaan to leave Aena but he refused to do so.


Amaan also threatens him of Saira nd her murder as well. He told him that he knew each and everything about him and he should not force him to tell all this to Aena as well. Through Amaan’s words, it was also evident that Mir Farooq might have killed Neelofar while Aena was so young to remember all this.

Well, the serial is really getting interesting and worth watching after Mir Farooq and Amaan went face to face in their battle. Let’s wait for the next episodes.

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