You can now create AI-generated images using the Google Search Engine.

Google has introduced a fresh addition to its Search engine, granting United States users who have chosen the experimental Search Generative Engine (SGE) the ability to produce images through text prompts.

This innovation allows you to verbally describe your desired image, and Google will furnish corresponding images. To distinguish these AI-generated images from human-made ones, they will carry labels and watermarks. Google is actively working to ensure that these AI-generated images do not promote any harmful or misleading content.

Furthermore, Google is launching a tool known as ‘About this image’ to supply details about images, such as their initial discovery date and online appearances.

SGE is also equipped with AI capabilities to generate written drafts in response to user inquiries. For example, if you need assistance composing an email for a product return, you can request SGE to create a draft, which can save you time and effort.

This feature streamlines information retrieval from diverse sources, enhancing the user’s search experience. It’s reminiscent of the feature Google introduced earlier in the year, which provides additional context within search results.

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