Mahira Khan Responds to a hate comment

“You didn’t bother checking my timeline” Mahira Khan Responds to a hate comment on Twitter


Kashmir is bleeding right now. We have witnessed a lot of people raising their voices against the injustices and brutalities which Kashmiri people are subjected to. Some come up condemning the Indian Army for behaving so irrationally towards the people living in Kashmir. However, the Indian Authorities are not giving an ear to them.
Among these stands a lot of celebrities including Mehwish Hayat, Farhan Saeed, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Feroze Khan, Mawra Hocane etc. are standing with the people of Kashmir after feeling the their pain.

We also know that Mahira khan is quite an outspoken actress especially when it comes to the social injustices. However, recently, she was condemn by a twitter user for not raising her voice against the Kashmiri people. He mentioned that despite checking the entire timeline of Mahira he was unable to find a single tweet of her concerning the sufferings of the Kashmiris.
“She is worse than an animal. Even Sonam Kapoor spoke on Kashmir but Mahira remains silent, why?” he wrote.
Keeping in mind his hate comments, the stunning actress not just corrected him but also shared her tweet which she posted earlier regarding the Kashmir issue. She mentioned that,
“You didn’t bother checking my timeline. Here, I did it for you. That’s all, now you can continue to abuse and call me names.”
Here’s her tweet,

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