Yousuf: “Babar can break my Test record.”

Mohammad Yousuf, former Pakistani cricketer, recently praised the national team’s captain Babar Azam for his exceptional performance and dedication towards the team. Yousuf spoke highly of Azam’s services and brilliant performances.

During an exclusive interview with Cricket Pakistan, Yousuf recognized Babar Azam as one of the top Pakistani cricketers in the current era. Yousuf further acknowledged Azam’s position among the world’s top players.

Yousuf described Babar Azam as Pakistan’s top cricketer of the current era, placing him among the world’s top three to four players. According to Yousuf, Azam’s exceptional performance and global achievements make him a world-class player.

Yousuf expressed his desire to see a Pakistani player break his cricket record. He believes that Babar Azam has the potential to achieve this feat.
Yousuf stated that he would be happy to see a Pakistani player break his cricket record. He believes that Babar Azam has the potential to achieve this due to his exceptional abilities on the field.

Yousuf has advised caution when it comes to putting pressure on Babar Azam. He believes that any disturbance to the captain’s focus could negatively impact the performance of the entire team.

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Yousuf praised Babar Azam’s ability to overcome struggles and emphasized his importance as a key player for the Pakistani team. He urged caution against putting pressure on Babar and stated that any disturbance to him could negatively impact the entire team’s performance. According to Yousuf, having a conversation with Babar can be crucial for success when facing problems.

The Pakistan cricket team’s 28-year-old captain, Babar Azam, holds impressive records in international cricket. He was ranked as the number one batsman in One Day Internationals for over 700 days.

It’s worth noting that Mohammad Yousuf holds the record for scoring the most number of Test runs in a calendar year.

In 2006, Mohammad Yousuf set an incredible record by scoring 1788 runs in just 11 matches, with an average of 99.33. He managed to score nine centuries and three half-centuries during this period.

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