YouTube creators must disclose AI use for video payment.

YouTube is making new rules because some people are using advanced technology (Generative AI) to spread fake information in videos. Starting next month, if you make videos on YouTube, you have to tell everyone if you used this advanced tech to create fake-looking stuff in your videos. If you don’t admit it, your videos could lose money, get taken down, or your account might get in trouble.

Videos with this kind of fake content will now come with a warning that says the sounds or pictures were changed by a computer. But just saying you used AI isn’t enough. If your video breaks the rules, it can still be removed, no matter what you say. YouTube also says they will specifically label videos made with their own AI tools.

If you see a video with fake content that’s not right, you can ask YouTube to take it down. This applies to videos where you can recognize someone by their face or voice. People who make music can also ask to remove videos that use AI to create fake music.

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