Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 4

Zahid Ahmed on his mark in Ishq Zahe Naseeb’s Episode 4


What an Intense character!

“Ishq zahe Naseeb” has been hooking its audience from the very first episode. At least there is something new, something alarming and exciting about this drama serial which has been under the way to entertain its audience. Something which has been never experienced before.

While talking about the cast members every character in the drama serial is giving his or her best. From Gohar’s bhabhi to her about to be Jahangir, we are impressed by the entire cast.

This week’s episode was packed with a lot of emotions, and feelings particular for the fate of both Kashif and Gohar. On the other hand, we are also enraged on Kashif’s new boss who is quite a heartless girl. She doesn’t even mind his first day at the office. 

Being the sole earning member of the family, Kashif has a lot of responsibilities. His elder sister is going to be married soon. However, his sister came and asked him is there anything in his mind which is disturbing him because she has been noticing for quite a couple of days that he is upset.

However, Kashif brilliantly denies her intuitions stating that there is nothing to be tensed about. Deep in his heart, he knew that which thing is killing him.

On the other hand, at Gohar’s place, there is a family discussion on whether Gohar should join Bushra’s company or not. Her brother said that is entirely up to Jahangir. If he permits her to do the job then they have no problem. But they must wait for Jahangir’s response first. This thing actually disturbed not only Bushra but Gohar also. 

Gohar’s bhabhi called Jahangir to take his consent to allow Gohar to do the job. She manipulated his mind stating that if he would impose restrictions on Gohar before their marriage then he will never get into her heart. She may change her decision of marrying him. Fearing off the fact he allowed her to do the job.

Meanwhile, Kashif is trying to get a loan from his company as he wanted to get his sister married. He requested his boss and he agreed on the condition that if Kashif will go to the Chairman’s office and worked there for state affairs. Kashif readily accepted the conditions and shifted there.

The most heartbreaking incident comes when both Bushra and Gohar are ready to meet their fate. Its Bushra’s rukhsti and Gohar’s engagement. Both sisters are not seen happy with what was going on. However, the function ends, and Bushra leaves for her house. The moment when Gohar rushed towards her in order to hug her was really taking my heart. She knew in her heart that after Bushra, there is no one in her house to understand her. The scene really made me cry.

On the other hand, Sameer is being informed about his mother’s governance resignation and he is tensed about it. His secretary gave him an idea that he could appoint Bushra’s sister on the post of governance for a short period of time. He agreed and Gohar received her appointment letter the next day. All the family members are quite happy that she has got the job.

Sameer recalled the time when Zoya aggressively entered into his room and started being offensive to him for not coming to the dinner. There comes the turning point when Sameer has shown off his face to Zoya. Boy Zoya and we are actually surprised to see him in a woman like a getup, wearing dark make up and dupata. Perhaps this was the secret which his mother refers to in the second episode of the drama serial. At that time, we were perplexed as we have no idea what his mother was talking about. And now, with Sameer’s transformation into Sameera has cleared it out. This was the stunning highlight of the drama serial.

As soon as Zoya saw him in woman get up, she started calling his name saying what have you dine Sameer and suddenly he corrects her by saying Sameera, not Sameer. She ran away fearing off this female version of Sameer. He followed her to the balcony and before we could see what happened next, the entire memory vanished in Sameer’s mind and he is introduced with the new staff member, i.e. Gohar. The drama serial ends on Gohar.

Ishq zahe Naseeb Episode 4 is really making us all crave for the next happenings. We are eagerly waiting for the next episode.

Here’s the complete episode,

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