Zara Noor Abbas

Zara Noor Abbas revealed how she overcame the fear of touching animals


Pakistan’s finest actress Zara Noor Abbas has recently informed her fans about how she has managed to overcome her fear of touching animals.

She revealed how she was afraid of holding birds and other animals earlier. She feared touching birds, cats and dogs. However, now she can easily manage to catch them without fearing.

She took to her Instagram handle and shared a beautiful video of her in which she could be seen holding a pigeon in her hands.

The video is from the sets of her upcoming drama serial Zebaish opposite her real life husband Asad Siddiqui.

In the shared video, we can easily figure out the signs of fear on her face.

She captioned the video in these words, “Found this little BTS from the sets of Zebaish. I was always afraid of holding birds and cats and dogs. Maybe not anymore. If anything, maybe they are afraid of me. But we should find a middle ground.”

Moreover, Zara Noor Abbas is also optimistic to defeat the coronavirus outbreak.

She wrote, “So this one is from a simpler day in hope of one, very soon. InshaAllah. Covid19. 2020.”

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