Zeba Bakhtiar’s Beautiful Surprise Birthday

Zeba Bakhtiar is a legendary figure in Pakistani entertainment. She has worked in both India and Pakistan, and no matter where she goes, she never fails to make her supporters proud of the work that she does. Zeba is an actress, producer, and an inspiration to many women because of her smooth career path and excellent parenting throughout. Her son Azaan Sami Khan has gained his own fan base and is currently a well-known figure. Azaan has always given his mother credit for everything that he has become and for teaching him how to be a parent.

Zeba Bakhtiar’s son Azaan Sami Khan surprised her with a birthday celebration on her actual birthday. Along with her old pals, a large number of industry people joined in. The affection Zeba felt from her friends and family when she cut her cake was overwhelming.

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