Zong Has Over 12 Million Pakistani 4G Subscribers

Zong Has Over 12 Million Pakistani 4G Subscribers


Currently, Zong proved to be one of the Pakistani Telecom operators which shows very rapid growth, with over 12 million people subscribing to 4G.

According to the stats of the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), Zong has the highest amount of subscribers to 4G within Pakistan!

The great news is that Hamza Ali Abbasi, a youth icon and one of Pakistan’s greatest celebrities joined the G4 network of Zong!

Recently the company updated its My Zong App, whilst they continuously equip their clients with the best applicable tools to stay connected in our digital world to get new services & products.

In this technology age, the smartphone is almost king and now the company offers certain exclusive telecom deals to its subscribers via its mobile application!

The extensive Zong network is spreading around more than 400 cities connecting with over 11,000 functional 4G sites!

They also have their own 24/7 customer care center in-house, to facilitate their clients’ queries. Via digital e-channels, the company also facilitates its subscribers by addressing their queries via rapid digital means!

The “Best in 4G Services” accolade was presented to the telecom giant by Pakistan’s Consumers Association. A token to their effort in supplying the best experience & internet services to their subscribers!



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