Imran is “not able” to record a statement with the FIA

ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan, a former prime minister, has stated that security and health concerns prevent him from giving a statement to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Islamabad about the foreign funding case.

According to a two-page letter Imran wrote to the FIA investigation officer, “The undersigned is not only dealing with serious medical issues, but is also facing serious security threats to his life as long as the incumbent government is in power. As a result, the statement or version in the current case may be recorded at the present place of residence, Zaman Park, Lahore.

In order to serve the interests of justice and fulfill the requirements of the law, Imran also anticipated that the matter would be probed properly and impartially without being influenced by the higher-ups, political superiors, and statutory formalities.

In the letter, it was made plain that this case had obvious legal flaws, had been filed without following the proper legal procedures, and had been done so at the request of the undersigned’s political rivals.

The FIA lacks jurisdiction and power to investigate concerns arising out of the Political Parties Order, 2002, as it is not included under the FIA Act. As a result, it is a politically driven case in which the investigating agency’s bad intent is floating on the surface of the record.

According to reports, the FIR was filed as a result of the Election Commission of Pakistan’s fact-finding report from August 2, 2022, which was incomplete and necessitated the very beginning of the process by filing a complaint.Criminal case lacked legitimate jurisdiction and power.

“It is regrettable to see that the investigating authority has hastily filed this case without conducting a thorough investigation and has carelessly used offences that have absolutely nothing to do with the current case.

Imran added that once this fictitious case was filed, he went to the appropriate forum to request pre-arrest bail and was given temporary bail.

“However, an attempt was made to kill the undersigned on November 3, 2022, during the historic long march in Wazirabad district, and one person died and 13 others were injured.

The undersigned suffered many gunshot wounds and fractures in this sad tragedy, which limited their ability to move and hampered their activities.

The medical staff also recommended avoiding unnecessary travel and restricting mobility. Due to this sincere and legitimate cause, two letters dated December 30, 2022, and January 30, 2023, addressed to you for the purpose of recording the undersigned’s statement in Lahore, have gone unanswered.”

The PTI leader said, “Since the PDM administration took office, several unfounded and bogus cases have been filed against the PTI and its allies, and other opposing voices have also had to contend with outright lawlessness.

“The PDM government’s sleaze did not stop at the simple filing of fictitious cases; regrettably, PTI senior leadership and lawmakers were also tortured while being held in detention.

The undersigned has likewise been the victim of law enforcement authorities’ arbitrary actions. On the instructions of the current administration, state institutions made many attempts to accuse/involve the undersigned in a fictitious criminal case. The filing of the aforementioned FIR is a similar attempt with hidden motivations and bad intents.”

It added, “All of the undersigned’s political rivals banded together to form an unprecedented alliance under the guise of PDM out of fear of the PTI’s rising popularity and acceptance among the populace throughout the entirety of Pakistan. They then hatched a plan to overthrow the federal government of the undersigned.

“In April 2022, the PDM entered the power corridors by enlisting the help of all involved parties and used all unfair measures. However, soon after seizing control, the political rivals, working through state agencies and officials, launched a wave of victimisation and retaliation against the PTI’s senior leadership and political activists.

“The persecution included other critics and social media activists. A lot of journalists were forced to leave the nation out of fear for their safety owing to the obvious abuse of criminal equipment.

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