“Apple Acknowledges that Wireless Chargers Have an Impact on New iPhones”

Users have expressed concerns regarding problems encountered by their iPhone 15 devices following the use of BMW’s in-car wireless charging.

Apple hadn’t addressed these complaints before, but there’s a shift now. MacRumors reports an internal Apple memo hinting at a forthcoming update to fix iPhone 15 NFC chip problems caused by some in-car wireless chargers.

Apple advises that until the fix is released, individuals experiencing this issue should avoid using the wireless charger in their cars. Several users have voiced worries about BMW wireless chargers affecting Apple Pay and the BMW digital key feature. These concerns have been shared on various platforms such as Reddit, Apple’s Support community, and MacRumors’ forums.

BMW seemingly acknowledged the issue earlier this month when the BMW UK account on X responded to a complaint, mentioning the company’s collaboration with Apple to investigate the issue.

Due to the difficulty in identifying the affected models, it’s advisable for owners of BMW or Toyota Supra vehicles equipped with a wireless charger to refrain from using it until a resolution is implemented.

Apple has committed to a software solution later this year, implying a potential resolution period of about one to two months. Thus, patience is recommended.

Previously, Apple addressed the overheating and battery drain issue with the new iOS 17 update swiftly through the iOS 17.0.3 update earlier in the month. However, the latest update, iOS 17.1, released last week, primarily focuses on addressing SAR issues with the iPhone 12.

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