Mickey Arthur reacts to Ramiz Raja’s ‘clown’ remark.

Mickey Arthur, the Pakistan team director, has addressed the criticism from former PCB chairman Ramiz Raja.
In an interview, Arthur expressed his indifference towards negative comments and revealed that he is unfazed by critics’ opinions.

Arthur commented on Raja’s statement, stating that he didn’t see the comment and tends to take everything said by Ramiz with a grain of salt.

Arthur expressed his perspective on worrying about others’ opinions, stating that he cannot afford to be concerned about what everyone says. He emphasized that investing energy in such concerns is pointless since it doesn’t make any significant difference. He highlighted the importance of winning matches to bring happiness to the people of Pakistan and concluded by reaffirming his lack of worry about outside opinions.

Raja had previously raised concerns regarding Mickey’s appointment as the director of the Pakistan men’s team.
Raja criticized the PCB management committee, led by Sethi, for their decision to reappoint a coach who appeared to have divided loyalty between his County job with Derbyshire and Pakistan cricket.

Raja had described the appointment of a coach/director of cricket who prioritizes his county job over Pakistan cricket as unprecedented and likened it to a clown in a village circus, expressing his disapproval.

This is published in logicalbaat, on 15 May, 2023.

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